Our mission at Join Grandview is to encourage the residents of Grandview Heights, Ohio to get involved by providing as much unadulterated and unbiased information and documents about current issues and problems facing our City and government as we possibly can. The first issue we are taking up is the Proposed Green Space Ordinance, but more issues will follow.

We gather information and documents by attending City Council, Planning Commission, and Board of Zoning meetings, from records on the City’s web site and those that we’ve received in response to Public Records requests, and from combing legal dockets and pleadings.  We summarize what’s going on, but we also provide the back up in the event you want to dig deeper or fact check us.  We respect and value others opinions and won’t tolerate anything less than the free and respectful exchange of information and opinions.  If you know, see, or hear something that could be of value, get in touch with us!


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