I invited Greta Kearns and Steve Reynolds to informal 1:1 interviews, to find out more about their candidacies. What challenges do they see in the City's future? What are the top issues? How do they plan to address those, if elected? What does each consider to be their achievements while on Council? How will they... Continue Reading →

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The Map above shows the Issue 31 "No Build Zone" and the 1989 Ordinance's "No Build Zone."  Is there a material difference in the amount of area covered? The Map identifies property included in the 1989 Ordinance that is already developed within the 100 foot No Build Zone.  Issue 31 cleans up this error.  Why... Continue Reading →

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Issue 31 Protects and Preserves the Green Space In the Face of the City’s Failure to Follow It’s Own Code and Guidelines

Issue 31 is a direct response to the City's failures to follow its own codified ordinances, rules, and policies.  One such example is the City's April 2017 approval of the third application for a lot split at 1000 Elmwood Avenue after 2 prior unsuccessful attempts (in 2011 and 2016) and after the applicants increased their threats... Continue Reading →

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Issue 31 is a resident-led initiative to strengthen zoning requirements for the "Green Space" along Goodale Boulevard. This area was first labeled the "Green Space" by the City in 1989 with zoning protections and setbacks for privately owned, residential property due to the area's uniqueness and in recognition of its significance and importance to our... Continue Reading →

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What Will The Proposed Ordinance Do?

The Proposed Ordinance does the following things: Redraws The Boundaries To Protect More Green From Overdevelopment Redraws the boundaries of the Green Space by increasing the existing 100 foot no build zone on private property so no new homes or garages can be built any closer to Goodale Boulevard than the homes that currently exist. This... Continue Reading →

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Claussen Response to FAQ

BELOW IS THE COMPLETE TEXT OF MR. ROBERT CLAUSSEN'S RESPONSE TO THE CITY ATTORNEY'S "FAQ" SHEET THAT HAS BEEN CIRCULATED TO RESIDENTS VIA EMAIL AND ALSO PLACED IN RESIDENTS' MAILBOXES. ************ Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Subject: Response to Attachment “Greenspace overlay FAQs without map” Civic Friends, The Attachment [“Greenspace overlay FAQs without map” –... Continue Reading →

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