Issue 31 is a resident-led initiative to strengthen zoning requirements for the “Green Space” along Goodale Boulevard. This area was first labeled the “Green Space” by the City in 1989 with zoning protections and setbacks for privately owned, residential property due to the area’s uniqueness and in recognition of its significance and importance to our Community as “Green Space.”

In the face of the City’s actions in past years to relax longstanding zoning ordinances when granting variances and other applications, 365 residents signed in support of Issue 31 to place it on the Ballot in November, meeting a fast-approaching deadline and exceeding the minimum 275 signatures required. Since that initial groundswell, support for Issue 31 continues to grow, in spite of improper delays and obstructions interjected by current City officials. The Secretary of State’s Decision put Issue 31 on the Ballot in response to the City’s efforts to block it.

Join Residents for A Greener Grandview.  Support the Preservation of Grandview Height’s Green Space.

**** VOTE “YES” ON ISSUE 31 ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018 ****



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