Claussen Response to FAQ

BELOW IS THE COMPLETE TEXT OF MR. ROBERT CLAUSSEN'S RESPONSE TO THE CITY ATTORNEY'S "FAQ" SHEET THAT HAS BEEN CIRCULATED TO RESIDENTS VIA EMAIL AND ALSO PLACED IN RESIDENTS' MAILBOXES. ************ Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Subject: Response to Attachment “Greenspace overlay FAQs without map” Civic Friends, The Attachment [“Greenspace overlay FAQs without map” –... Continue Reading →

The Map above shows the Issue 31 "No Build Zone" and the 1989 Ordinance's "No Build Zone."  Is there a material difference in the amount of area covered? The Map identifies property included in the 1989 Ordinance that is already developed within the 100 foot No Build Zone.  Issue 31 cleans up this error.  Why... Continue Reading →

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