To get an awesome yard sign, email If you would like the Residents for a Greener Grandview to put a sign in your yard, simply provide your address and we will get it there!  If you prefer to pick one up, say so and we'll provide you with instructions on how to do that.... Continue Reading →


Issue 31 is a resident-led initiative to strengthen zoning requirements for the "Green Space" along Goodale Boulevard. This area was first labeled the "Green Space" by the City in 1989 with zoning protections and setbacks for privately owned, residential property due to the area's uniqueness and in recognition of its significance and importance to our... Continue Reading →

November 6, 2018 Sample Election Ballots

The Franklin County Board of Elections has made the Grandview Heights' Sample Ballots available on its web site. Attached is the Sample Ballot for Congressional District 3.  If you don't know which District you are in, look up your sample ballot on the Franklin County Board of Elections' web site.  Gather information about the candidates... Continue Reading →

Response to Public Records Request Reveals New Documents Relating to BZA Aesthetic Review Of 980 Elmwood Plans

In response to a Public Records Request, the City of Grandview Heights recently provided information and documents relating to the proposed house at 980 Elmwood Avenue. Among the documents produced by the City was a packet of documents containing computer-generated renderings (pictured above) which show how the proposed house will look on the site from 4 different... Continue Reading →

August 24, 2018 Update: Board of Elections Vote Tied – Ohio Secretary of State’s Office Will Cast The Deciding Vote As To Whether the Proposed Green Space Ordinance is On or Off the Ballot

This morning, the Board of Elections held a hearing on the City's protest to determine whether the Proposed Ordinance would be on or off the November ballot.  The vote by the Board was tied 2-2. The Committee supporting the Proposed Ordinance requested that Brad Sinnott, 1 of the 4 voting members of the Board of... Continue Reading →

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