What Will The Proposed Ordinance Do?

The Proposed Ordinance does the following things:

Redraws The Boundaries To Protect More Green From Overdevelopment

Redraws the boundaries of the Green Space by increasing the existing 100 foot no build zone on private property so no new homes or garages can be built any closer to Goodale Boulevard than the homes that currently exist. This preserves the park-like feel of the Goodale Boulevard corridor and prevents unwanted overdevelopment.

Red line is the outline of  proposed Green Space boundary

Removes Some Lots to The North and South of Goodale Because They Don’t Need Green Space Protection

The lots identified below to the North and South of Goodale between Broadview and Urlin are either already developed with homes in the current 100 foot no build zone or are protected from overdevelopment by City Code or other property restrictions.  Why include property in the Green Space that already violates the existing Ordinance or is protected from overdevelopment?

Red “x” are properties to be removed

Redefines The Green Space – A Priority For Grandview Heights

Redefining the Green Space was specifically identified by City leaders on page 2 of the November 30, 2017 Leadership Conference Summary as No. 8 on the list of priorities for the future of the City.  The City has failed or refused to act to redefine, protect, and strengthen the Green Space and the areas around it and has taken actions that will erode the park-like feel and character of the Goodale Boulevard corridor. As residents of the City, we need to act when the City won’t.



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