I invited Greta Kearns and Steve Reynolds to informal 1:1 interviews, to find out more about their candidacies. What challenges do they see in the City’s future? What are the top issues? How do they plan to address those, if elected? What does each consider to be their achievements while on Council? How will they run the City if elected? It’s better to decide who to vote for on November 5, 2019 based on those things rather than make a decision based on political rhetoric and campaign slogans, right?

As I explained to each of the candidates, topics and questions for the interviews would be formulated with input from the Community and, once the interviews are complete, each candidate’s unedited responses would be shared via

Disappointingly, Greta Kearns declined the invitation, but Steve Reynolds accepted and has agreed to be interviewed on Friday, October 4, 2019. Please send an email to before end of day Thursday, October 3, 2019 with your questions for Steve. What’s of concern to you or on your mind? Get involved as we move forward to select the next Mayor of the City of Grandview Heights!

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