August 24, 2018 Update: Board of Elections Vote Tied – Ohio Secretary of State’s Office Will Cast The Deciding Vote As To Whether the Proposed Green Space Ordinance is On or Off the Ballot

This morning, the Board of Elections held a hearing on the City's protest to determine whether the Proposed Ordinance would be on or off the November ballot.  The vote by the Board was tied 2-2. The Committee supporting the Proposed Ordinance requested that Brad Sinnott, 1 of the 4 voting members of the Board of... Continue Reading →

Reminder: Board of Elections’ Hearing on City’s Protest to Proposed Green Space Ordinance is Friday August 24, 2018 at 10:30AM – PLAN TO ATTEND!

The Board of Elections' hearing on the City's Protest to the Proposed Green Space Ordinance (and the Response to the City's Protest) is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, August 24, 2018 at 10:30AM at the Board of Elections' offices located at 1700 Morse Road. The hearing is open to the public.  Encouraging all to attend to see... Continue Reading →

What Will The Proposed Ordinance Do?

The Proposed Ordinance does the following things: Redraws The Boundaries To Protect More Green From Overdevelopment Redraws the boundaries of the Green Space by increasing the existing 100 foot no build zone on private property so no new homes or garages can be built any closer to Goodale Boulevard than the homes that currently exist. This... Continue Reading →

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